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Who was Gilbert Keith Chesterton? A rotund man in a cape brandishing a walking stick? Certainly. A twentieth-century writer? Prolifically. A great champion and defender of the Christian Faith? Gallantly.

He is known too as the “prince of paradox” and an “apostle of common sense.” Chesterton has lately been enjoying a resurgence in popularity. His name appears on blog posts and news articles alike. His name is spoken more often on college campuses, and schools around the United States are being named after him. Who was this engaging, witty, prophetic man?

Allow Dale Ahlquist, the president of the American Chesterton Society, to introduce you to him. In a rollicking adventure quite Chestertonian in flavor, Ahlquist captains an expedition of discovery into who this GKC fellow is. He deftly and cleverly explores Chesterton as a man, as a writer, and as a potential saint.

Those curious about Chesterton will have their initial questions answered. Those who might be dubious about Chesterton’s reputation will be challenged to reconsider. Those who consider Chesterton an old friend will be delighted. All will be engaged by amusing anecdotes, plentiful quotations, and a thoughtful study of the life of G. K. Chesterton.



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